October Full Moongram

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🌸Each and every month you will have the opportunity to receive one of our many many products, some are tried and true some are brand new & some are magickal products we have been giving out to our special test group and have received amazing positive feedback!🔮 

🤗Some examples of what could be on its way: 🤗

🔮 Crystal set

🔮 Crystal altar piece

💐 Gemstone Windchime💐

🌚 Moon Oracle Cards

❤️Love Me Ritual Oil, Candle & Bath Scrub

❤️ Oya Oil, Candle & Spray

💋Jezebel Candle & Oil with Body Oil

💸Midas Money, Touched by a Demon Candle, Oil & body lotion

🍯 Hoodoo Honey Jar

🌹 Incense

🌕 Moon oil

🌑Full Moon Ritual Candle, Oil & Incense

❤️ Honey Ritual Bath

❤️ Gift card

🔮Alter piece


🌸Palo Santo

🧙These are only a few examples loves! We are going to make sure you are getting high end magickal items that you will use! We want you to LOVE our products as much as we do!🧚 

💋Add a little monthly mystery with our monthly Full Moon Gram!

🔮Boxes retail value are always between $215 and $490! You definitely are getting an amazing deal loves! 🤗

🍎🍁Octobers & December full moon box will have close to $800 worth of products and must be ordered by September 30th & November 30th 🤗🍎

🌙Each box must be purchased by the 5th unless otherwise indicated or you will not receive it in time for the full moon and you will receive the following month.

For example February Full Moon must be purchased prior to the 5th of February. If you order it on February 8th you will automatically receive March Full Moon Gram instead. 

🔮🌙We will offer special boxes on Super Moons, Blue Moons, Samhain & Yule. We've had multiple requests for such. We do listen to you! 🤗

🔮🌹🔮Comes beautifully packaged and will always be specific to the monthly full moons colors, stones, candle magick, etc. 


💜🕯️Get your full moon on!🍎🤗







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