Mystical Beauty

Mystical Beauty

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🔮Mystical Beauty ♥️

💞♥️This intoxicating scent is alluring and powerful loves! Was crafted and created for those seeking an ego boost, are looking for a way to reclaim the way you used to feel, used to look. Creates a fire within you that can be felt and seen by others. ♥️💞

🔮♥️💞There are times in all of our lives where something happens that seems to take the zip out of your energy and it affects you dramatically. From weight gain to weight loss to dull looking skin to your overall attitude. You feel like you're never going to get that back. Become even further away as a result. ♥️

♥️💞🦋This oil will banish the blues, remove the feeling of just making it through the day and get you back to the person you once were! 

🌙🔮Crafted during ritual to Oya, the Orisha of transformations & change. 

🔮The scent is made up with ingredients from our Sassy, Glamour & Divine Goddess Oils with underlying notes of amber champagne. Crammed with ritualized crystals and herbs and our own touch of magick. 

♥️No activation required loves. This was done because we know when feeling not yourself that your energy is also off. So just open and use!

🌷Use on your pulse points, in shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, bath water, in your laundry. You can literally use this any place including on your bedroom door. Simply anoint your door and go. 

Will come in our 1oz purple ombre glass bottles.








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