Mystical Mabon Trio

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🌙🪄🔮MUST HAVE for empaths, sensitives and the like!🪄❤️🤗

🤗💕Everything you need loves in a complimentary gorgeous hand carved tree of life wooden box! 

🪄🪄 Please note the hand carved boxes are extremely limited. When they are gone you will not receive the wooden box but will receive your oils.🪄🪄

🪄🍎🎃We offer this particular set prior to the upcoming thinning of the veil season. It can be incredibly overwhelming for some. 

Now you will have the tools that you need to keep you feeling your kind of normal and your kind of good.🤗

🪄🪄There is absolutely no activation required for these oils. Simply roll each bottle in your hands slowly when they arrive to acclimate your energy to each other.

🍎Use two drops on pulse points daily or as needed. 

🍎Can be layered with other oils without affecting the outcome


🌹🌹🌹🌹Oils included:

🔥🔮Vampira Oil:

Provides shielding against 'energy vampires' that drain both emotionally and physically. It can leave you feeling sucked completely dry and totally exhausted. Your immune system weekends and oftentimes sickness of all kinds can occur. Everything from migraine headaches to stomach pains sense of isolation, panic attacks, not wanting to be around people. It makes complete sense gloves and you are not crazy for those of you who happen to think that you are. I have had multiple people over the years thank us for sharing that they're not crazy. They didn't realize that being an empath was a real thing. This oil has been crafted to shield you from exterior energies that will allow you to work throughout your day feeling that you are protected from such energy. You will feel so much better almost instantly when utilizing this oil. It is calming, soothing to the soul you will feel shielded from what you are dealing with now. 

🍎🍁🍁Grounding Oil:  helps with immediate grounding regardless of where you are. We often forget to take a moment and ground loves. It is so very important. This allows for you to do just that regardless of the weather, where you happen to be at the time. It is very socially acceptable in today's day and age to pull out a bottle of oil and put a few drops on. Clearing your mind soothing your soul allowing the Earth's energy to flow through you freely. 🤗 Helps you to be present in the moment❤️

☠️🔮🌙Protection Oil: Protection from harm for you and your loved ones as a general protection protection

OR (Specify which one)

🔮🍎Situational Protection Oil: protection for you and loved ones from a specific person or persons and having it boomerang back on to the sender so that they may suffer their own initial inflicted ill intentions towards you.

🔥🪄 Each and every single oil has been blended then crafted during ritual appropriate for the oil. These oils were crafted on October 31st of last year. They then spent an entire year charging while marinating in between rituals. The smell for each is incredible my loves! You know the quality of our oils and have come to trust the blends. This will absolutely not disappoint. 😘💗🧹💗

🔥🔥Each bottle comes in a 2oz ombre color glass bottle and will be labeled.

🔥Skull bottles in the set will be offered through October 31st or until it sells completely out.

Ready to ship 💗💗💗💗

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