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,🥂2022 NewYear Blessings 15 Day Glass Encased Candle🥂

✨🌹Plus Bonus Hoodoo Wish Jar

These are incredibly beautiful & ready to go! These Candles have charged under the past year of Moon Cycles so the energy is amazing! They were made during this past November's Full Moon rituals specifically for New Year Blessings!💕🌹💃

; Helps you to reflect on the past year and find one positive even if this candle is all you can find. To let go of past hurts, make room for the new, embrace and feel appreciation for the little things. This self love may just be what you personally need loves. 

Crafted & fused with love, abundance, happiness, willingness to let go and allowing you to receive & recognize your future blessings! 


💞1 charged, blessed dressed and loaded 15 Day Glass Candle that's heavily saturated with our lucious blend of New Year Oil; it's a prosperity, goddess, love, road opener, and protection crafted into one lovely oil.  Gem stones of Rose Quartz, jade, Obsidian, Red Coral to name a few ✨🥂

✨🥂Pouch of herbs to spread around the base of the candle✨

✨Hells Note

🥂FREE New Year Glass Hoodoo Wish Jar with candles Included✨(retail is $50.00)

🥂Priority Shipping

How to use: 

Clean your space 

Write on the Hell Note your name & date of birth in Black ink

Place under the candle 

Spread herbs in bag around the base of the candle. 

Place a glass of water or rum near the candle.

Use stick matches to light if you have them. Otherwise a long lighter will do. 

Stare into the flame while imagining all past hurts or challenges burning away, then see good happening taking in what is coming to your future. Allow no negative thought to enter your mind loves. Remember YOUR ENERGY DOES IMPACT CANDLE WORKING.  If you CAN'T THINK in a positive way, simply light the candle with your Hell Note underneath. This Candle knows what to do. 

✨Light for two hours starting NEW YEARS EVE

Snuff out when not home or sleeping

Relight daily for a MINIMUM of 5 hours

Do this until it is completed it's burn

These go SUPER FAST LOVES!  When they're gone that's it until next year!🥂🌹🎄






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