Yule Quartet Oil Set

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🎄 Yule Quartet Oil Set🎄

🎄🎅Captures the scents and magick of the season in our 4 piece oil set!

❄️🎄One 4oz glass red roller ball, one red ombre 2oz glass bottle, one 1oz dark green glass bottle with black top & one 1oz dark green glass bottle with white and gold top. Larger bottles for the holidays!🎅🎅🎅

🤶☃️These oils are extremely user friendly and have been marinating since last Yule Eve

🍭❄️🎄They offer a range of uses from love to money and each bottle has been ritualized and blessed!

🎄Included 🎄

🎄Merry Mistletoe🦌

🎄Luscious and rich mistletoe  fir tree fragrant scent with a note of clove along with our special blend of magick. Blended with crystals & seasonal herbs pleasing to the Spirit of the Season.

🍭Used for a cloak of protection from outside realms, exterior forces, people, external energies. 

❄️Used for shielding your secrets. Everybody has them not everybody wants to share them. This will make sure that they stay secret. 

❄️This can also be utilized to ensure that you have protected dreams.

🎄There is no activation at all required. Simply place one drop on each wrist and one drop over your heart to make sure you are fully surrounded by protection at all times. 


❄️🍒Smells like fresh fallen Yule snow and blended with seasonal herbs and changed crystals🎄 

🎄Use for smalller financial gains fast or as a booster for other money workings

🎄 Two drops of oil then carve your initials into a green or gold chime candle and burn for approximately 7 minutes

🎄Yule Kiss 💋

🍒Dark chocolate cherry liquor with hints of champagne and gingerbread! This smells amazing! The crystals and herbs utilize seasonal crafting. 

🍒❄️💋This oil was created as a love booster for prior and current love workings

❄️❄️ Carve your initials and your targets initials on a red chime candle, put two drops of oil on the candle then allow it to burn for 7 minutes. 

🍭CC Dreams🍭 

Smells of  fragrant sweet candy cane, honey & cherry with seasonal herbs & charged stones.

Gives you or your target intimate fairy tale fantasy dreams about you! 

Use two drops on a pink chime candle after you carve the initials of either yourself or your target into the candle

Allow to burn for approximately 7 minutes


🎁These oils can also be used as layering on yourself after activation, if required. 

🎁Simply a place one drop on each wrist, one drop in between your collarbone rub into your skin and off you go!

🎁You can place a few drops in an oil diffuser 

🎁Put a few drops in your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotions & laundry!

🎅The more you use the more effective the outcome!

 ❄️This quartet set is our 2022 limited edition so once they're gone they truly are gone loves and they sell out quickly. 🎄

🎄Priority Shipping

 🎄Gift Wrapped

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