Protection Wash

Protection Wash

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🖤Our protection wash is a fabulous addition to anything you are currently working on working towards or working with. This has multiple uses loves! 

🤍Protection Wash 🖤

🖤All you're going to do is with a soft cloth or a paper towel wipe down any areas that you wish to be completely and totally protected. You can dilute it with water if you find that it is too strong. It is not necessary but it is an option. 🤍

🔮Some examples are:

🌙Windows in your home

🌙Doorways and door frames

🌙Work office or cubicle

🌙Vehicle specifically the interior and the doors

🌙Your floors. If you are in fact utilizing this for your floor areas you would pour half of a bottle into The bucket and fill it with roughly 2 gallons of water.

🤍This is a clear astringent type of liquid and it is a rather refreshingly strong smell, however it is not unpleasant. It does not however smell like our oils or our candles. It does have the undertone of our clearing and protection line. 🤗

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