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💲Crafted under several intense demon rituals! 

💲This pure oil is literally crafted for our celebrity clients loves! This is the actual bottle and the actual oil that would be sent out to  our celebrities. 🤗

🤗💲We have two left from the batch and are offering it to our email subscribers first🤗😘

💲 Midas is a favorite among several Netflix celebrities 💰

💰I am not suggesting by any stretch of the means that you will receive opportunities within the acting industry, that would actually be an entirely separate oil, it is just an example of our celebrities that love this oil and swear by it my loves.❤️ Often everything that they do revolves around being within the industry, their line of work and lifestyle. One of these days I'm going to be able to convince one of them, she's actually my personal favorite actress on Netflix 🤗 to comment about our products and her personal success. Until then, like you everybody's identity is protected and confidential. ❣️ 

💋 So the oil actually does work with the following🤗

💰💲You can expect to receive unexpected windfalls simultaneously, gifts of money, unexpected refunds, gifts, lottery winnings, gambling winnings, contest winnings,trips, promotions, sudden unexpected free promotions and advertising if you are a business owner, a huge surge in new customers. 

💰💲Crafted with our top of the line Celebrity favorite riches and wealth oils, (we carry 3 in celebrity line😉)fresh ritualized herbs crafted for extreme wealth, 24kgold, platinum, rose gold, charged jade, citrine and few other crystals along with our secrets ingredients. 

💲Midas is bound with Clauneck, Nitika, Valac, Bime, and Mammon. Extremely strong, extremely powerful demons. You needn't worry about demon magick loves, we have already done the work with these demons, properly honored them and they are bound to us to do the work of the client. 😈

💲Midas gives an almost out of body experience, a little bit goes a very long way.

$More often you use this the more incredible your results

💲 Giddiness and dizziness has been reported but that is perfectly okay!  It does pass very quickly. 

💲This does not and will not affect any other money working you have done are doing or are scheduled to have done! Midas will actually help loves

How to use;

💲 Always shake the bottle prior to using it. Not vigorously loves, make sure you hold the jewel like cap and the bottom of the bottle then shake it three times. 💲

💲Use a candle, a white or gold chime or household candle. Carve your initials and date of birth into the candle only

💲 Put 3 drops of oil in the palm of your hands and rub the candle up from the bottom to the top repeat that motion untill coated while visualizing exactly what you want. See it loves! 

After a few moments, 

Say I thank you Clauneck, Nitika, Valac, Bime, and Mammon. 

Show then what you want. Visualize it as vividly as you can, take them through your wants; feel it from your soul.

Light the candle. It is only necessary to keep it lit for 6 minutes. Stare into the flame, again seeing what you want. Get lost in the moment. It is not necessary to stare into the candle the entire 6 minutes a few moments is fine simply snuff it out after 6 minutes. Do not use the same chime candle for a different use. Very important! 🤗

💲Place a drop behind each ear and one each on your wrist. As you are placing each drop on yourself, see money flowing to you. 

💲 Emergency work, need cash today? Wear it as directed and do two gold chime candles. This must be done just before sunrise 💲

💰You can use this in a bath, simply place six drops into a very warm bath. Soak and visualize money and riches flowing to you.

💲Effects are near immediate! Again loves it is very common for our clients to contact us after they place an order telling us that it is already working before they receive. 🤗Your energy literally transfers when you are looking at a product that you want and you purchase angels. Very simple.  💋

💰You can use our Midas oil for multiple desires money-wise anything with financial want need or desire you can use this. ❤️💰

💰There are multiple times you can use this particular bottle : it should last you 6 months to a year depending on how often you are using.

💋This is literally one of our largest pure oils that we offer loves, holds approximately 5 oz. It's like your favorite perfume you purchase the regular perfume and then there's the parfum oil. This would be the perfume oil. 🤗

🦚Comes in a gorgeous TWO SIDED matte green glass majestic 🦚peacock 🦚 limited edition bottle with copper & antique metals and raised ornamental detail. Citrine sparkling looking stones throughout the flowing gold, green and cooper painted tail, and his lovely body. The entire bottle of rests upon a green enamel base. Just stunning loves! 🤗

🦚The gorgeous diamond cut cap is a lucious wicked witch of the west gem green dropping down to a pewter long wand. Best part it screws on! No worry about spillage!

🦚💰This absolutely works my loves💰💰

❤️Remember sweethearts we don't offer what we think might work, we only offer what we know works!❤️

🤗This is a very rare opportunity for two lucky clients to experience this oil

🤩Honestly we only truly have two left, so the no spillage cap is wonderful!🤗

🦚💋🤗When we have product left over from our regular celebrity line, we do offer it to our email subscribers first. 

😉You all know to grab it as soon as you decide you must have it because it will sell out! 🤗💋❤️

 ❤️🦚This is sent out to you priority shipping and is currently ready to go so if this is the only thing you're ordering you will receive this nearly immediately. 











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