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💎 We are super excited loves because we have decided to release one bottle of our Luminescence Borealis with 4 huge crystals! This is crafted loves during extremely powerful High Priestess rituals in both Sedona Arizona and Hawaii! 

💕This an extremely powerful formulation & is usually only reserved for our Elite Red Diamond Celebrity clients loves because this is VERY rare, very time consuming to craft and only offered every four years due to the aged ingredients and the special vortex ceremony done at Boynton Canyon in Sedona Arizona, then another High Preistess ceremony at Haleakala National Park in Hawaii where it's finalized.

💎🔮💎Luminescence Borealis is a true labor of love!

💕You will receive all of the crystals pictured which are White Angel Aurora quartz, Red Aurora quartz, Raw Labradorite and Moonstone. Each of these crystals are very large pieces & have all been blessed, charged & enchanted giving them life in both Hawaii and Arizona. They will assist you as much as the oil in the bottle will. Luminescence Borealis also includes the candle required in order to activate the crystals and the oils so their energy meshes with yours perfectly! 

💕This is literally for life loves. As long as you have the crystals this will continue to work for you!

💕  You feel the life force in your hands buzzing and an immediate surge of heightened power when you hold the bottle loves. 🔮

💕🔮Both states are known for the energy fields and power between the worlds. When you add both to one bottle the results are incredible! 

🔮This is fantasticly amazing and strongly recommended for practitioners who desire to heighten abilities, strengthen their magick, have a stronger relationship with ancestors, Spirit & the Deities whom you work with, & develop a proper working relationship with the Orishas if you so desire.  

🔮This will help excel any business within magical industry such as Hoodoo, Voodoo, Craft, Indian Tribal Magick that you may personally have or are working towards. 

🪄🔮You will radiate magick;,  it's a force from within a person and it will glow luminously through fiercely!

🔮Your entire person will transform drastically: an example is beauty. Everybody at any age desires to be beautiful, exude beauty & sex appeal. Using this nightly will help you achieve that.  Be it to turn back time or hold on to what you have, this will do it for you. *Several of our Celebrity Models use for this reason alone loves. Often referred to as "liquid beauty"

🔮You will begin to feel magickal at your very fingertips! 

🔮Heightened clairvoyance

🔮 Manifestations will begin to shape easier and more immediately

🔮You will feel those you summon to work with you

🔮Begin to see those you summon

🔮 Abilities & Gifts will be extremely heightened

🔮Dreams will tell you of the future and help you understand the past

🔮 You will notice signs you hadn't previously

🔮 Your gift will shift tremendously to the next level

🔮 Your confidence will soar then skyrocket

🔮 Also used for matters of  love, luck, health, and extreme succes!

 💎This is the jewel of oils! Truly!

🔮Extreme emphasis on magickal conjuration, psychic ability, spirit communication, spell casting, and mental sensitivity.

🔮Combined with good fortune and luck ingredients it packs a real punch at ritual, occult, and ceremonial workings.

🔮This oil aids you in the goal of enhancing spiritual forces, within and without, enabling action upon the external world and manifesting your goals.

🔮This oil works very well to boost the attributes of a spell, candle or other oils.

🔮 Our celebrity clients purchase this oil simply because and I quote "It does what you want it to do". 

 🔮The smell is absolutely magickally blissfully remarkable and has real charged and blessed ruby gemstones in the bottle itself! 

 🔮 This acts as a protection from ALL forces including Retrograde Cycles

🔮 This IS the oil of ALL oils loves, can't stress this enough. One drop is ALL you need in every instance you plan to use this. 

🔮 Instructions for use will be emailed to you.

🔮 You can also use the easy pay option to stretch out your payments over 4 payments if that fits into your budget better!

💕We are very aware that this will not last and we cannot offer another bottle. The nature of this formulation is literally done based on our Elite Red Diamond clients so there are only so many formulated. We have some in-house internally that needs to last us 4 years, so this is literally the only bottle that we can offer. 💕🔮💕

💕🔮This will be shipped out to you priority USPS and beautifully gift wrapped.

🔮💕🔮Please do not hesitate my loves, if this is calling out to you grab it and be extremely glad that you did.💕 
















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