Retrograde Pro Oil

Retrograde Pro Oil

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♍ Retrograde Pro Oil

 Last cycle of the year!

September 9 - October 1

🌙The effects of Mercury retrograde can be severe for some people, especially those that aren't that knowledgeable about Mercury Retrograde. This is the time where Mercury appears to stand still, not move. Often you will have issues with things like travel arrangements, it is advised not to sign agreements of any kind, legal matter should be put off if at all possible, electronics tend to go haywire break or stop working all together, relationship issues, arguments that normally never occur, broken engagements, separations, hearing from old people in your past. These are just a few of the many examples of Mercury Retrograde and the effects. It is advisable to finish up anything that requires your absolute attention focus prior to the start. 

💕You can use our oil to help alleviate or completely avoid those effects all together loves. This is the same oil that we use on our retrograde candles. If you are burning candles for Retrograde you can still get this in addition to.

💕You can use this oil in and on anything electronical, car seats in your vehicle, Moon literally uses this on her home appliances and in hoodoo washes! 

🌺All natural ingredients so put in shampoos lotions body washes you can bathe in this. Simply put seven drops in a bathtub and soak with your usual bath time regimen items! 

🌺Our oils always smell intoxicating, just like our candles! 🥰

💎Gemstones in the oil coincide with counteracting the effects of Mercury Retrograde; Rose quartz, amethyst & hematite. 🌺Gorgeous fresh herbs are situated in the oil which is a translucentee dark purple hue accompanied by of course, a little bit of majick!🤗

🌟❤️This should be a staple within your personal oil collection or if you have been curious about our oils in general this is absolutely the one to try my loves because even if you don't know what you're doing it still works. 🌙










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