Retrograde Reverse Custom Candle

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♍2022 Retrograde Dates♍

January 13 - February 3, 2022

May 10-June 2

 September 9- October 1

Cutoff for September 1 for candle shipped or September 8 for a burn on our altar..

💕Many of you that know me personally remember the times when I used to literally want to hide underneath a rock and not come out until it was over. 😱There are several people that deal with the wrath of retrograde; everything from mail getting lost, your computer system crashing, car trouble, electrical trouble within your home. These are a few examples. During retrograde it is advised that you not sign contracts, start on any new ventures, when traveling make sure you check recheck and triple check your travel arrangements because chances are you're going to have delays and or Fighting with partners when you usually have a very solid and happy relationship; this includes all relationships within your life and circle. emotions tend to run extremely high and rampant during this time frame. 

❤️✨However, you can take control of what is in store with our Retrograde Reverse 7-Day candle.❤️

This candle is custom created for each individual person and will counteract the effects of Mercury retrograde during the entire cycle; .

One candle per person unfortunately these cannot be created for more than one person due to the nature of the crafting and creation of this candle.

Simply add in the comment section your initials, dob and it will be created for you!

We absolutely can burn this candle for you on our altar, please go to the burn my non-love candle and purchase that link in the comment section please put retrograde candle and I will take care of everything for you. 





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