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🎄✨A Yule time favorite! I only do these once a year as a tremendous amount of energy is taken out of me loves. So grab em while they are in stock as only a handful remain❤️🌹

This beautiful polished high end Black Obsidian point, weighs in about 4 lbs, is 6 inches high and just as wide!  These are extremely rare on their own, and chosen by Raquel (ra kell pronounced) the sexually charged succubus who is bound to this luscious piece! 

She has no preference/ so male or female is fine! She actually has a preference for a woman but her appetite is clearly sexual by nature. She also literally told me to mention this, she would LOVE 💕 to belong to a couple. A couple whom cherishes her for the sexy vixen she is & understands her intense & frequent needs. 💕 

She is a sensually seductive, erotic and eager to play with her new mate. Long pinkish auburn hair with sparkling grey eyes that shimmer with dark lustful thoughts. She is over 300 years old but her body is that of a toned tight thirty something year old with large, firm breasts -& a booty you can bounce a coin off. She's an almost smirk that makes you want to feel her slide slowly over your nakedness.

She is happy to play with you one on one, in your dreams; she will most definitely take over your dreams. Lol or take part with you & your partner. She will show you the way to total extasy while making sure you get what you need. She is definitely a giver 🌹✨

She's happy to do whatever you want her to and  can be subservient or dominant; simply let her know. If you aren't clear with your desires she will come on pretty agressively. 

Raquel will spend hours with you, from feeling of a whisper brush up on you to feeling your knees buckle. She's a fiesty sexual force you definitely want to be reckoned with. 

As long as you commutate with her you need not worry about anything. You'll have a simple ritual to do upon receiving this seductive succubus. 

The Obsidian point is her vessel, you can transfer her to another down the line if she request that you do so. 

Charge vessel under full moon every three months

Your information is confidential, so feel free to contact Moon about your needs. 

Instructions included

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