Samhain Platinum Magick Box Set

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🔮For those wishing their desires to manifest quickly! 💲Be it money to a proposal or BOTH!

🍁🎃🍎During the month of October and the days leading up to the very thinnest of the veil, you can combine energies in order for your desires to manifest! This is the only time of year that we can offer this item or similar items in nature my loves!

Several of you wait all year for these particular items and now is your chance! Is that is definitely a life changer loves!

🤗Set includes the following;

1 custom crafted 12 oz pumpkin glass jar

1 2oz bottle of our Season of the Witch Oil

1 Custom 30 day Season of the Witch Candle with 3 wishes 

1 Red Apple plate 

1 large candle to burn on top of your jar 

1 3 bottle seasonal oil set in wooden hand carved box for Samhain 

Hells Notes 


 🍁Value is literally over $3000 if sold separately! 


🧡🍁🎃 Samhain Candle: send us your three desires along with the initials and dates of birth of all of your targets. These candles can combine energies. It is the only time of year that the energies can be combined! 

We prepared and ritualized the waxes last Samhain along with the herbs and oils that are infused into the candles. We still pour them still handle them and they are completely customized to each and every single individual. 

🧡Please keep in mind that the candle shown is from previous clients yours will be different however no less amazing I promise. 🧡

Place your candle on the Red Apple plate, have your hell's notes filled out and placed underneath the plate. 

Prior to lighting take a moment to thank your ancestors, and whomever you are working with. Let them know that the hells notes are theirs for the afterlife for helping you manifest your wishes

🔮Light your candle on October 1st, allow it to burn approximately 30 minutes each night, on October 31st allow your candle to burn completely out. 

🔮In addition to honoring your three wishes this candle has will honor your ancestors loves. Important to thank and remember your ancestors. 🧡


🔥Roll the jar slowly in your hands. Feel the energy flow through your body. Lightheadedness, a warm wave of energy and tingling have All been reported. This will pass very quickly loves. 

On the hell's notes write out what you want to manifest.

For example: Moon Ray, 7/23/70, Abundance of love in all forms, continued health, wealth in forms you see fit, soulmate whom I marry. 

🌙❤️Remember October is the month you can combine energys! 🤗💲❤️

🍁Around the jar place any items you want dealing directly with what it is you are manifesting. For example I would place a dollar bill, a red rose, honey and oranges around the jar. 

🍁Take the candle on the first riday night in October and from the end without the wick, use a match or lighter and melt wax on top of the jar. It should be enough to where you can comfortably place the candle on top allow it to sit for 15 full seconds or until you feel it has. Your candle will not move during lighting ritual. 

🍁Place the hell's notes underneath the jar

🔥Light one stick of incense

🪄Visualize everything you are requesting happening see it as it already is. Thank whomever you are working with, let them know that the hell's notes are theirs for helping you.

🔥Light the candle 

🔥Allow it to burn for 20 minutes. 

🍁Do this EACH Friday in October using the same candle. Each time used, this working gains power. The last Friday burn all of remaining candle.

🔥🔥🍁The Oils🔥🍁:

🔮For use during September- October 31st when the veil is thinning 🔮

 🔮These oils need no activation, other than slowly rolling the bottle between your hands when you receive them, you can use these instantly. 🤗

🧡These can be layered loves and will not affect any other workings 🌹

🤗You are simply going to take two drops and place them on your pulse points as needed. 🤗

💚 Green bottle:

Wicked Manifest Oil:

Help in correctly manifesting your desires.

This can actually be placed on Hell's notes in any of your workings, or on any of your candles prior to doing a working.

🧡 Orange Bottle 🧡

Wicked Booster Oil

Booster for ALL workings. Everything you have done within the past month or are currently working on now, utilize a white chime candle or the color that corresponds with the working you would like to boost, rub two drops starting at the bottom to the top for light magic or from the top to the bottom for dark magic. Police a couple of drops on the hills note place it under your time candle and allow the candle to burn completely out.

🤗This oil can be used regularly throughout the year to boost any working two weeks after you have done something.

Purple bottle :🔮

Wicked Sheild Oil

Help you to remain grounded 

Protection from negative energy in all forms 

Evokes a shield around you 


🧹🧙 Season of the Witch Oil

This oil is THE Oil of Oils Loves! This is the oil that will bring you both money & love! Only during the Samhain can this be done!

Once yearly for Samhain we offer this oil. This particular oil, as well as all of our Mabon and Samhain line, was literally crafted and created during rituals last year. This oil then almost marinates for an nearly an entire year before we hand pour every single bottle before shipping it out to the newest owners. 🔮🌹🪄 

🔮Here are a few benefits to utilizing this oil:

🌹First off let me explain that the power infused in this particular oil is best utilized during the month of October. The magick actually grows stronger with use loves. This line has always been crafted and created to do such.

🧡You can use this with other workings and if you would like ,use this as a layering oil without harming or damaging your other workings! 

💲💚❤️If you are looking to win at gambling and meet someone of interest on the same day at the same exact time frame, this would be the oil that you use; during the month of October. 

🔮This oil does require activation. Here's how you do that🌹 


🎃Take your bottle and slowly roll it back and forth between both hands. This will allow for the energy to acclimate to you. We have had reports again of extreme gittiness, believe it or not lol, surge of power, elevated awareness, and lightheadedness. All are short-lived and go away quickly do not be fearful. 

🎃Next you will take a chime candle White if you do not have a purple candle. Carve your initials into the candle.

🎃Take Three drops of the oil and rub it in, starting with the bottom to the top.

🧡Wipe hands take a moment to visualize what it is that you would like to happen. Thank whomever you are working with for quickly manifesting your desires. 

🎃Light the candle allow to burn out. 

🎃You're ready to use!

🎃This can be used on your pulse points, in any bath ritual, in a diffuser, in laundry, windows, ANYWHERE loves! 

🍎You're LUCK & LOVE like will literally improve significantly with the first use! 

🎃Manifesting is about putting your desires in a forward motion, believing it to be yours. This oil works 83% faster in helping you achieve your desires. As the veil thins that percentage goes up, October 31st when the veil is at its very thinnest it goes up to 99.9% faster. 

💚With nearly a 100% rate I would strongly recommend making sure you set time aside on the 31st of October and let your imagination run wild with the things that you thought were impossible previously I am telling you are in fact possible on the 31st!

🔮I have been doing this and practicing my loves, as many of you know for over 45 years. Samhain has habitually been an evening of miracles and literally seeing the impossible happen right before my eyes. I have seen things happen that even with my own hardcore through and through generational beliefs and upbringing that if I hadn't seen it I would question it.🎃🤗

I would never make any statement that was not true, again those of you that know me know what I'm saying is truth. I encourage everyone to grab this bottle. Even if you are a non-believer. Haven't practiced in years or are questioning your beliefs this oil will work for you, if nothing else on October 31st. 🎃 

🎃This IS the set that I have mentioned to several of you throughout the year that are newer to us when asked what my personal favorite oil was or the most powerful oil offered. 

🔮🎃This is only offered through OCTOBER 25th or until it sells out. 

🔮I encourage you all to take advantage of our finance option available to everyone. This set is completely worth it loves, you absolutely will not be disappointed! 





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