Dark Dream Fantasy Oil

Dark Dream Fantasy Oil

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💜Dark Dream Fantasy 💋

Want someone to dream of you nonstop?

Do you want to bend someone to your will through dream influence?

💋You CAN become your targets wildest fantasy or their worst nightmare. The choice is yours loves! 

🌹Use the power of Freyja to influence the dreams of anyone you choose.

Freyja is an incredibly powerfully high entity that will make your target dream about whatever you wish! 

🌹Can be used for a hex, platonic or a love dream fantasy!

🌹Dreams ARE VERY Powerful and move into the subconscious, which GREATLY effect day to day activities and actions. Meaning you have POWER over your target loves! 

Dream Magick is one of my absolute favorites loves! You have the ability to literally control a person's thought process without their knowledge! 

This oil contains 24k gold, sacred ritualized herbs and blends that are known to highly please Freyja and gain her favor.


🌹Anoint each wrist with a drop of oil

🌹 Anoint the candle beginning at the bottom up for love or from the top down for nightmares

🌹 Write out a petition prior to lighting the candle stating your will and what you want your target to dream of. Be as clear as possible. Place under the candle 

🌹Light for approximately 5-7 minutes while burning your intention into the flame, chanting quietly “Freyja.”

Candle Colors:

Enemies/nightmares/bend your will: Black Candle

For love/sexual fantasies: Pink or Red

For Platonic influence:

White or pink Candle

1 ritual per 5 days 






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