Season of the Witch Oil 🪄

Season of the Witch Oil 🪄

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❤️It's finally that time of year again loves! When the air turns crisp, everything is pumpkin, the veil thins and our sought after Season of the Witch oil is released! 

🍁🌹🎃Here is my loves! Only once a year when the veil is thinning you can manifest the near impossible, combine energys for love and money, raise your awareness and harness the power into your workings! 

❤️🍁🪄Season of the Witch Oil for 2022 was literally crafted under ritual last Samhain loves! It has been marinated for 8 months and now it is released! 🍎❤️🍁 The energy coming from the vat is crazy! 

❤️This oil is at its OPTIMUM  during the month of October. This should be your go-to oil! Please note Orders will be filled until this sells out or October 25th, which is the cutoff.

This oil is THE Oil of Oils Loves! This is the oil that will bring you both money & love! Only during the Samhain can this be done!

Once yearly for Samhain we offer this oil. This particular oil, as well as all of our Mabon and Samhain line, was literally crafted and created during rituals last year. This oil then almost marinates for an nearly an entire year before we hand pour every single bottle before shipping it out to the newest owners. 🔮🌹🪄 

🔮Here are a few benefits to utilizing this oil:

🌹First off let me explain that the power infused in this particular oil is best utilized during the month of October. The magick actually grows stronger with use loves. This line has always been crafted and created to do such.

🧡You can use this with other workings and if you would like ,use this as a layering oil without harming or damaging your other workings! 

💲💚❤️If you are looking to win at gambling and meet someone of interest on the same day at the same exact time frame, this would be the oil that you use; during the month of October. 

🔮This oil does require activation. Here's how you do that🌹 

🎃Take your bottle and slowly roll it back and forth between both hands. This will allow for the energy to acclimate to you. We have had reports again of extreme gittiness, believe it or not lol, surge of power, elevated awareness, and lightheadedness. All are short-lived and go away quickly do not be fearful. 

🎃Next you will take a chime candle White if you do not have a purple candle. Carve your initials into the candle.

🎃Take Three drops of the oil and rub it in, starting with the bottom to the top.

🧡Wipe hands take a moment to visualize what it is that you would like to happen. Thank whomever you are working with for quickly manifesting your desires. You can ask for money and love because this is the time of year or the veil is that it's thinnest and your energies can be combined without any freecussions.

🎃Light the candle allow to burn out. 

🎃You're ready to use!

🎃This can be used on your pulse points, in any bath ritual, in a diffuser, in laundry etc. 

🍎After properly activated you can just dab on and go throughout the course of your day knowing your work is going to happen!

 Again loves this is the oil that you are absolutely going to want. Even those that do not believe simply by applying this oil you will notice things happening in your favor during the month of October!

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