Season of the Witch Set 2022

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🪄🔮Season of the Witch 🔮

🪄 This IS our MOST sought after set & IT'S FINALLY BACK! This is what we have left loves after paid pre- orders were filled.

🔮🔮💲💗We are THRILLED to offer this set again! This is the only time of year that we can offer a candle or oil that combines the energies for Love and Money!

🔮Grab it NOW because this will sell out long before October 31st. Once it's gone loves it's really gone until next year. 🤗

🪄🍎🍁🧹Once a year only we are able to craft and create specific ritual oils and candles an entire year prior during a traditional ancient ritual on the Evening of Samhain that allows for money magick & love magick to be utilized IN THE SAME bottle of oil and the same exact candle! This set includes BOTH and it's to be utilized ONLY during the month of October; especially on October 31st when the veil is at its absolute thinnest. 

🤗🔮🪄You'll receive the following;

☠️1 2 oz skull bottle of Season of the Witch oil

🪄1 31 day hand crafted Season of the Witch candle

🔮1 Season of the Witch Jar

❤️4 candles to burn weekly on top 

🍎1 Red Apple candle burn plate

🔥Hells Notes 


Burn your candle for 20-30 minutes nightly beginning on the 1st of October

Burn remaining candle on the evening of the 31st

On each of the hell's notes down what it is that you want using a one word list. For example; Soulmate , Money, Health, etc

Make a box around your list and please your hills notes underneath the plate that your candle will burn on. 

Make sure that you let whomever you are working with no that the hell's notes are for them in the afterlife for assisting you. 

Dispose of notes with candle remains within 5 days in a place away from you, preferably a grave yard at a crossroads. However this is NOT nessesary. 

First Week Oil is to be used daily by rubbing two drops in your hands until absorbed, use a paper towel to blot any residual oil from hands. DO NOT WASH OFF until obviously you touch something that requires you to wash your hands. 

Week 2 -  Daily; Take 3 drops of oil in total and dab on your inside wrist and one drop over the heart. It is okay to wash your hands on week two after using the oil. You are no longer rubbing the oil in your hands simply taking one drop putting it on each wrist then the third drop over your heart. Rub the oil in until the skin absorbs it wash your hands go about your day.

Week 3 ; Daily - Three (3) times Daily; morning, afternoon, and before bed. Take one drop and put it on your forehead. Rub it in, wash hands and repeat for the week. You are no longer doing weeks one and two only as directed for week 3. 

Week 4- Once daily place one drop on the following places and rub in a counterclockwise motion: each wrist, the center of the collar bone area, each side of your neck and lastly one drop in the palm of your right hand then rub together until absorbed. Wash the excess oil off. 

Samhain Jar: 

When you receive your jar, you are going to slowly roll the jar between your hands. You should be in a calm state of mind in a sitting position. Allow yourself to feel its energy transform through you. Begin visualizing what it is that you want. Remember loves once a year you can combine energies the work has been done for you. So the sky is the limit loves 🔮💗

Place the jar in an area in your home where it will not be disturbed. Altar is preferred, however not required.

Take one of the four candles, keep in mind you were going to light each additional candle on the same day each week; Preferably at the same time. With a match or lighter, melt wax from the candle bottom on top of the jar until you have enough to place the candle in the wax press candle firmly for 10 to 15 seconds or until you feel it's solidify around the candle.

Thank and honor whoever you are working with, visualize exactly what it is that you want before lighting the candle. 

Light the candle and allow it to burn completely out. You are manifesting loves what it is that you want. During the month of October when the veil is at its thinnest anything and everything is possible.

What We need from you; 

We need your full name, date of birth, and three specific desires. While the waxes were in fact crafted during ritual last year, we still customize each and every candle and pour the candle.  It is imperative that you let us know otherwise we will craft your candle with generalized desires such as money love and health without being specific. 

🤗This loves does in fact sell out incredibly fast. This is the most powerful set that we currently list. These are the same exact items that are included for our celebrity clients, on a much smaller scale to make it affordable for all! 🔮💗🔥 

The cut off for orders on this particular item will be September 6th. Your set will arrive by September 30th so you have it and are ready to go on October 1st. 🍁🔥🍁

💲🎉Remember loves you can take advantage of the payment plans available to everybody regardless of credit. There are no credit checks, it will not affect your credit score and there are credit lines offered up to $17,500. Orders above $150 are eligible for monthly payments over the course of a year! 


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