Seven Deadly Sins Luxury Oil

Seven Deadly Sins Luxury Oil

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🌹Seven Deadly Sins is from our celebrity line offering! Its similar to our Desire Me Deadly line except it's bumped up a few sexually charged notches 💞  It's all about the sex with this line🔥

⚡⭐This is the oil that instantly brings about heated desire with laser focused sexually uninhibited need! 💋 

🌹This is the oil, no dilution, pure oil! One drop is all you need to activate this! 💞

💋This smells like a dark n lusty shade of rich reddish plum velvet if that had a smell! LoL It is absolutely divinely magical smelling!

🌹 SDS oil is infused with our ritualized blend of herbs, gemstones, and the oil itself undergoes a series of 12 lunar cycles as well. Then it is individually poured into the very delicate glass blown bottle for each client.

🌹 If you would prefer, upon your request we will pour the oil in a plastic bottle and send it to you in two separate bottles if you are fearful that you may break this. Keep in mind that this is not something that we can replace because it is a very limited item. So requesting the plastic bottle in addition to your glass blown bottle is strongly suggested. 🤗 Simply pour in when you receive it. 

💞This is another line where we generally accept pre-orders a year in advance. We will now offer it to everyone!

💞Use upon yourself on your wrists, above nipples (male and female) and belly button before seeing your target to ensure animalistic sex. 

🌹 Anoint with one drop on a red thin chime candle prior to seeing your target, light candle, visualize what you want to happen. Literally get lost in the moment. Allow it to burn out totally.  Tis done💋

🔥 Don't have a specific target in mind but want to go out and have a good time? One drop on your wrists one drop behind each ear and one drop on the belly button is all you need! 

🔥 For use in your own ritual working for any kind of desire or love that you would want to happen quicker, again One drop is all that is needed. 🌹

💞Comes to you beautifully packaged in a priority shipping box

💞 All we have to offer are 3 this year in the oil loves. So do not delay, do not hesitate grab this before it's gone. 


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