2023 Lilith Love Jar

2023 Lilith Love Jar

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❤️💋Lilith Love Jar❣️💋❤️

🔮🌹Our Lilith Jars are created once yearly for Valentine's Day and sell out within a few days! ❤️ 

❤️Takes a year to craft and blend the ingredients that go in these and then bound to the working itself through Ritual , is Lilith. ❤️❤️✨❤️

❤️💋💓🔥Lilith is the goddess  of sex, love, taboo, seduction, erotica among a few delicious things. She is a powerful Goddess celebrated by many. She will work with you to fulfill your desires , your fantasies . 😈 Nothing is off limits with Lilith! 💋❣️


🌹When you receive your Lilith jar, take time to merge your energies. Sit quietly and hold the jar in your hands, you may experience light headedness, stomach butterflies, tingling sensation in your body and can last up to a week after burning your last candle. This is normal loves, do not worry if you feel nothing.💋😘 

❤️Because Lilith works quickly, you'll only need to light one red chime candle, with the initials of your desire carved into it nightly for 3 nights. Must be after sunset! 

❤️Take a photo of your target, place under the jar. 

🌹Leave an offering such as moon flowers, silver or a darker seductive liquor. She a goddess of night time so anything you feel appropriate is acceptable. 

🌹Upon lighting your candle, tell her your desires. Gaze into the center of the flame and see them manifesting fully. 

✨After three nights, wipe clean with Florida water and take wax pieces in the center of your photograph and fold towards you. Keep separate and throw away on the following new moon. 

✨ 🤗...You CAN reuse this for up to 6 mths using different targets or the same target.  Before reusing, tell her the purpose and the desired outcome. She will listen. Repeat instructions above. 

❤️Charge her under full moons energy. 

✨💎✨Here's the reason WHY this jar sells out so quickly 🤗🤗 This jar can be reactivated for you loves!  After 6 mths close to a full moon, we can do this for you! Simply email us when you are ready. There is never any need to dispose of the jar! EVER!

💎When you have reached your desires, wipe her down with Florida water and place her on your altar or a room for decor. 

😘The 12oz jar itself is a beautiful extremely rare shades of pink mason jar glass and Inside holds the ritualized ingredients pleasing to Lilith, our dark moon charged stones & metals such as amethyst, quartz, silver, obsidian & hematite. A blend of our dreamy smelling oils and a mixture of herbal luxury ingredients.🌹 


✨🌹These will not last loves, seriously. Please get one now, you won't be sorry!












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