Hypnosis 7 Day Custom Candle

Hypnosis 7 Day Custom Candle

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Hypnosis 7 Day Custom Candle

✨❤️When you want to leave a lasting impression of seductive alluring appeal, the kind that lingers then coming to fruition rapidly within your targets thoughts,this is what you want loves! 

❤️Our Hynotic Candle locks in on your target, be it via picture or in person. They will immediately begin thinking about you in your best light, reaching out to you until you give the command to come and get you. This is literally a hypnosis candle, so again be very sure your looking for this sort of attention. 💋❤️✨  

This can be used for different partners multiple times. So whenever you have the desire to be noticed, desired, wanted: light this up for 1 hour.

Instructions Included

Can be used for anyone be it male, female, female, female, male, male.