Emergency Binding Oil

Emergency Binding Oil

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Do you know someone who wants to hurt you, themselves or others?

You NEED to take action now to prevent anything from happening to them or your loved ones.

This binding oil will wrap up someone dangerous so that they are unable to cause harm for 72 hours at a time. A person in rage and or crisis usually only requires a 72-hour cool off. Sometimes much less, however this formulation stops them for 72 hours. 

Examples for usage: 

•  Can be used to keep your little ones safe from strangers or those out of your sight

  • Keep your young adult or teenager safe from harm from others. (This does not include your typical bully. That is a different formulation, please contact us about your specific needs). 

• This can be used to keep yourself & loved ones protected from physical, mental or magickal harm

• Deter someone from being able to fight off or retaliate before you hex them. 

• This can be used to stop a person in crisis from hurting themselves OR others. 

Easy Directions for use; 🌙

3 drops on a black chime candle with your targets initials carved into the candle

Burn 7 minutes while visualizing your target being wrapped up and their danger subsiding. 

Toss remaining candle AWAY from your home.

When ordering please make sure this is the only item you are ordering to ensure that it goes out the same day or next day. These situations are not to be taken lightly loves. 


🌙💫 Please note that this should go without saying, if you are in immediate danger of any type, please call the authorities immediately do not wait!🌙💫




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