Strawberry Sizzle Moon Oil

Strawberry Sizzle Moon Oil

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🍓This year's Strawberry Full Moon in June is said to bring about luck, prosperity & happiness. 🍓🌟🍀

🌜🍓This decedent oil is lavish with sweet strawberry, amber and a night jasmine to awaken your senses and open you up for this amazing Moon. Crafted with, 24k gold, copper, sun stone, moonstone, strawberry quartz, and carnelian then blended with a mixture of herbs specifically for the Strawberry Moon. 

🍓Can be used in your full moon ritual as well as love rituals. Anything to do with a lover or potential lover this can be used for loves. Very powerful oil, again think heated passion, connection. 

❤️You can use this on a red chime candle carve your Target's initials in the candle light it allow it to burn out completely and dispose of the remains confident that your desire is going to manifest quickly.

❤️Leave this bottle out under the light of the Strawberry Moon to keep it charged with it's energy. 

🍓This particular solstice is my personal favorite, it's fire, heat, love, abundance, sun. Things my heart beats for! This oil draws love to you like a magnet, it literally illuminates your soul, your eyes. People will flock to you. 

🍓Effects are near immediate and last as long as a few weeks after the bottle is finished. 

❤️Will not interfere with any other working 

🤗No candle activation required when you receive the bottle simply turn it in your hands, rolling it through the palms of your hands & gently shaking it seven times before using. 

🍓 Limited Supply remaining orders will continue to ship out for this oil until it sells out or until 5 days prior to June's full moon. 

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