Submission 7 Day Custom Candle

Submission 7 Day Custom Candle

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✨🌹 Submission ✨🌹

Custom 7 Day Candle

💋❤️This is fantastic for the strong-willed, bullheaded, and those that drive you insane with their sense of egotistical manipulative and entitled attitude. Lightning of this will have them on their knees before you in no time! You'll have a small window to utilize to your advantage loves so be sure of what your desires are before lighting. This tends to work quickly so when the opportunity opens be ready! 💋❤️ 

🌹💗Instructions Included

Please enter in the comment section of the order form your initials and initials of your target if you know them, as well as any other information you would like us to know. No worries all information remains confidential so you can share away loves. if you don't have a specific Target in mind as of yet that is perfectly fine as long as you send over yours. 

✨Can be used on bosses, coworkers, classmates, teachers, etc etc this is not just for a lover situation ✨💋

 ✨Pictures shown are for viewing purposes only these were actually custom candles created for other clients. everything is literally one of a kind designed for each and every single person. I promise you will love your candle more often than not clients email us stating they don't want to burn it because it's so pretty. Lol 

Please refer to faq for information about candle crafting and shipping