Summer Solstice Set

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🌻☀️👓🌻🔆Honor Summer Solstice with our yearly blessed solstice edition 3 candle set in any of the following colors yellow, green, orange,red and purple.

🧡The Solstice is representative of the sun making it's presence known by making this the longest day and shortest night. Giving way to a glorious warm sunny, fragrant days and balmy star gazing nights. To a season of new love, awakened spirit, serene beach or lake days and magical months. For breathing in the fresh air to tasting the salt from the ocean upon your lips; so many reasons to embrace this Solstice loves!

🧡Each is done with the traditional scent of Summer Solstice in lemons, orange, Ylang Ylang with a little luck from our Love Potion#9, Abundance, Midas, Cleopatra & Bring it to Me oils. 

🧡Hand selected ritualized herbs & crystals specific to the particular candle to add to the candles magick

❤️Hells Notes

💜Incense sticks

🌜Packed in a gorgeous lilac holographic box

💜🧡❤️💚💛Set includes one of 3 of the following candles:

Yellow 💛 Smells of lemons with our own special ritualized blend of oils..Representative or the sun, positive energy, radiance, happiness, warmth, Oshun

Orange 🧡 - Sweet Orange oil along with our own blend. Blockbusting, heat, stagnant energy cleaning, booster, glow, 

Green 💚 Ylang Ylang with a tough of Midas and ritualized powders and oil to receive an abundance of abundance, money, flowing, Earth, 

 Purple 💜 Grape with jasmine rose and our blend of ritualized ancestor, protection & patience oils. Travel, Oya, Nightmare, Dreams, Third Eye, mystic, magick, manifesting, ancestors

Red ❤️crisp macintosh apple and cinnamon oil mixed with our blend of love oils. Passion lust ,sex desire, heat, St Expedite, Papa legba, Eulegga, Fire, fierce, romantic endeavors

❤️These will be customized for the client so be sure to include your date of birth and intentions for your candles. 

❤️These are to be burned on the Solstice Eve, all three. 

🧡Instructions are included

❤️🧡This set is truly uplifting loves! You will be thrilled you purchased









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