Summer Solstice Oil

Summer Solstice Oil

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🧡❤️❤️A steamy fire number that generates light from within and makes you radiate acceptance of positive warm changes. Brings out the Goddess in you!

☀️Summer Solstice brings on the longest day of the year and shortest night paving the way to live a lighter everything! Travel lighter, move lighter, be happier, attract positives, shed things that weigh you down, stand out! Our Solstice Oil offers many benefits that will bring about the best in you!

🌙💛Crafted with a blissful mixture of scents of the season to include oranges, lemons and Ylang Ylang.  Then under ritualized ceremony it is blended with our own magicakal oils to bring blessings in abundance, love in heated moments & unexpected pleasantries. 

🔆Added are 24k gold, sun stones, blood stones, carnelian, citrine, ritualized herbs and our Solstice powder. Energy is VERY strong in each bottle

🌜This oil doesn't require activation. If you haven't purchased our Solstice candle set, you can dress yellow, red, purple, orange or green candles with this oil to bring on and welcome her arrival.

❤️You can place a few drops in your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap to make the summer linger. 

🧡This can be used with other oils and will not harm the outcome. 

🧡 Receive this free for a limited time with our Solstice Candle Set! No code required 💜 Mention free bottle on comment section of your order

🧡❤️Used for passion rituals, abundance, energy clearing, protection, blockbusting, bending the will of a target, tip things in your favor, new job, new beginnings, boosting existing ritual. Anything you want to hear up loves this can be used for. 











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