Third Eye Oil 👀🔮

Third Eye Oil 👀🔮

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🔮👀Third Eye Oil 👀🔮

🤗❣️💕❣️Open up your third eye loves! This powerful oil was created for relaxing the mind and opening the portal to the world of being able to manifest your desires. 

🌸🌺Many have issues being able to relax the mind to the point of being able to open the third eye. Yes it is a definite practice loves, no doubt. However it is achievable! If you have been wanting to open up your third eye, this is the oil for you! 

🌙Directions for use:

💗On a purple chime candle carve your initials and date of birth 

🔮Rub one drop of the oil starting from the bottom to the top

💗Before lighting, ask Spirit to open your third eye allowing you to safely and effectively achieve doing so.

🔮Take one drop and rub between your hands then with your fingertips rub the center of your eye brows, the third eye. 

🔮Light the candle and stare into the flame until you can no longer. Everyone is different, there is no time frame for this oil. You will know when you're done. 

🔮When finished, allow the candle to burn out on its own. 

🌺🌹You can know use the oil whenever you desire. Before doing a working, preparing for a working, meditation, cleaning your space. Anytime you want to connect with your third eye loves, put a drop in the center of your forehead. 

💗With this oil, the more often you use, the better your results. 

💗Crafted during meditation ritual during the new moon phase. It's smells blissfully mystically magickal! Created with charged and blessed Amethyst, Flourite & Hematite stones along with the use of and a blend of herbs passed down from our ancestors!  

🔮*Remember loves for every ten bottles of oil purchased, you receive a complimentary bottle of oil. 

💕We also have the custom Third Eye seven day candle. All of our oils do have the custom candle loves, we don't list our entire inventory. If you want something, send us an email. 🤗❣️💕❣️💗🔮




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