Valentine 14 Day Candle Burn

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❤️14 Day Valentine's Love Candle❤️🌹

🔮🌹✨Annual Offering 🌹✨🔮

💖❤️It's the season of love, renewal and restoration ✨🌹

🌹❤️Our Valentine's Day Burn will be created for 14 days of burning, beginning on February 1 and ending on February 14. 🌹

❤️Please place orders for this burn by January 31st to be included and send your petition in a separate email to by no later than February 10th please loves. 🤗💋

❤️Crafted to be personalized for you ❤️ This is important loves, the more you share regarding your personal desires loves the more clear our energies will connect. I have clients that often laugh because they feel that they have sent a novel, writing a novel in your petition is encouraged. Every person is different every individual need is totally different because it's about you.

❤️ Common requests:💋

💜Finding a Soulmate

💋Getting a marriage proposal


💋Intimacy in your relationship

💋Love Drawing

💋 Sexual Fantasy or more sex. 

❣️💜Multiple Partners, different sex or same sex partners. 

❣️The desire is yours my loves, anything love related, Valentines Day is the best day and time to do so. 

❤️Your candle will burn until it completely goes out loves. 

❤️Can be burned for a friend or loved one❤️

❤️Pictures of your burn will be sent to you within 7 -10 business  days of the 14th or from the time your personal candle finishes. 

❤️If you prefer to have your candle sent to you, please email us first to let us know so we can add shipping for you.😘

❤️ Remember if we are burning for you loves to include in or with the petition your dob, full name, pictures of target with target name and DOB if known along with any information about your situation so we can craft your candle. 


❤️1 14 day glass encased custom poured Love Candle made with our extraordinary oils infused & sacred ritualized herbal blend, crushed rose, cherry, amethyst charged gemstones rose gold to name a few along with our own sparkle and Magick. . ❤️

❤️1 petition written on your behalf

🌹Fresh Offering

🌹Daily prayer


🌹Proper Disposal

🌹✨🌹 A special alter is dedicated to this Valentine Burn my loves. It's a huge magickal love alter. ❤️

❤️Email us with any questions at















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