💕2023 Valentine's Love Melt Set 💕

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🌹2023 Glamour Shimmer  Set🌹

🌹Yearly Limited MELT  Edition 🌹 


🌸💞 One jar of our specially crafted  dreamy n creamy bubble bath soak. It is super creamy, giving luxurious foaming bubbles that melts in your skin leaving you supple & extremely soft to the touch! With a lasting scent of seduction that will bring out the animal in the most timid of people! 🌹💞🌸❤️🔥

💗💓💗 It comes in our limited edition goddess glass honey jar. Once you have utilized your intoxicating bath, rinse out the jatt and you have a beautiful keepsake for herbs, gemstones or just a beautiful decorative piece for your altar! 💗💓

💕You will also receive six magically infused dissolving roses that MELT IN THE BATHTUB! I have crafted them in shades of true red, a lighter red, bubblegum pink, wine goddess purple, soft lavender and baby blush. They are absolutely exquisite loves! They smell like a soft rose garden and they will melt in your bath water!

💕One Armoire Magick Oil.  This oil is truly only crafted for Valentine's Day & comes in  a beautiful pink coloring bottle 

💕Two red chime candles included that will activate this ritualized bath love process

💕The goddess jar holds enough for two separate baths, and includes the little dowel that you see tucked outside of the jar!

💞You can use 3 roses at a time or you can use them all at once. It is entirely up to you!

💞The oil you will put 14 drops in your bath water and you can wear it when you're going to see your target! 

💞You can use it in shampoo, body wash, conditioner, even your laundry! You only need five drops in those instances. 

💕When wearing on your person, you're going to put one drop on each wrist one drop on each side of your neck and one drop in between your cleavage. 

❤️Instructions for ritual;

⭐Fill your tub with extremely warm water utilizing half of the jar.

❤️Put in 14 drops of the oil in running water 

💕Place one drop in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together

 💞take the candles and rub your oiled hands on the candle from the bottom to the top while visualizing exactly what you would like to happen.. SLOWLY LOVES. Allow your energy to flow into the candle. Red is a passionate color loves, passion applies to more than just sexual passion it also applies to emotions when you're passionately angry personally off balanced that energy also would be transferred into the candle. Make sure you are in a calm and receiving open mind clear of anger before doing this ritual. Any burnings your energy should be clear and stable. Your energy will always affect the outcome.💕❤️❣️💜 That being said...😊

⭐🌹Light the candles 

🌹When you are ready get in the tub and place either three or six of the dissolving melt infused roses IN THE WATER LOVES... 

🌹Close your eyes and feel the magick working inside of you.

🌹Visualize the entire time you are bathing, at least 20 minutes no more than 30, exactly what you would like to happen.

🌹See it in extreme detail. Allow your energy to flow loves & receive it openly.  

🌹When you are finished simply pat your skin dry do not rub it.

Place the oil on your body as directed above and enjoy your extreme night of blissful passion loves with either yourself OR with a partner. 🔥❤️💋💕

🌹🔥🌹These are limited loves and sell out quickly.  ❤️








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