Special Valentine Dominate You Jar

Special Valentine Dominate You Jar

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💕These are gorgeous dark pink glass mason jars and are filled to the brim with custom ingredients to dominate your target! 

💕If you are growing tired of waiting for a marriage proposal, for your partner to commit, their lackluster enthusiasm overall with you and you want something to be done now, this will absolutely help you loves! 

❤️We only create these every four years, and they have already nearly sold out! Stop being a doormat and take charge! 

❤️You will light a red or pink or white chime candle on top of this jar for 15 nights. After the work is complete you can keep this jar on your love altar if you have one dedicated to love or on your regular altar.

❤️Spell will be emailed to you prior to receiving your gorgeous Dominate Jar!






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