💕 Ruby Crush 💞

💕 Ruby Crush 💞

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♦️Ruby Crush♦️


💎This limited edition is a luxurious blend of blush, rubies, magnolia, champagne, hints of rose, orange, and our special magical ingredients to make this a must have in your arsenal of wealth. Comes in an equally limited edition ruby red iridescent beautiful glass bottle💎

♦️Can be used for ANYTHING loves you want to crush. Be it's a job interview, a modeling gig, financial gains, succeeding in new business endeavors, obtaining a male or female, this has been utilized in our family for several generations loves and has never failed us. If you feel as though you need some extra magic to crush it this is absolutely what you would get. It is a limited edition and only offered every 7 years. Used sparingly it can last you for a year if not longer. Once activated it is good to go nothing else is required💎.


💎Take one chime candle in a color that coordinates with your desire. If you are unsure use white as it is always an acceptable choice. Carve your initials with your date of birth into the candle. 

♦️Take three drops of the oil and rub it on the candle beginning from the bottom through the top. While doing so envision what it is you desire. 💎

💎Please the candle in the chime holder and light. Stare into the center of the flame while seeing what you want manifest. 

Allow the candle to burn for approximately 7 minutes then distinguish the flame with your fingers. ♦️

💎♦️Dispose of the remains and go about your business maintaining positivity and confidence that your desire is going to happen. Again loves I cannot stress enough the power of the mind it is incredibly powerful. If you believe something it will happen. ♦️💎

♦️Wear on your pulse points by rubbing three drops in your hands and dabbing on each side of your neck, each wrist, and your heart. 💎

♦️You can also place a few drops in your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, air diffusers; anywhere you want loves! The more often you use this the quicker and stronger the effects of your outcome will be. 💎

♦️Can be used in conjunction with other products and it will not interfere with anything you are currently doing or have done. 💎

💎Reports of euphoria, increased sexuality, surge in heightened abilities, active dreams, feeling renewed and lottery wins have been reported after use♦️

♦️We are down to 4 remaining angels once they're gone that's it. 🤗





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