Visions of Me Custom Candle

Visions of Me Custom Candle

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🌹🔥 Visions of Me

They will dream of you constantly, think of you during the day and the time in between! 🔥

🔥This candle can be designed and crafted for lusty dreams or more sinister desires. So if you have somebody that has pissed you off you can request that this candle be made so they have nightmares, bring on terror. VERY IMPORTANT TO BE SPECIFIC ON WHAT CANDLE YOU WANT

You will absolutely know either way that your target is dreaming about you having visions of you. 🤗

🌹This candle comes with very specific instructions and will be included with your candle. Don't worry you don't need anything that you wouldn't already have. 🤗

🔥❤️Picture showing is a similar picture to what your candle will look like. All of our candles are custom done for each and every single client. So please do email us with your date of birth initials and your specific desires for this candle. 

❤️Love and fear are two very powerful emotions my loves. This Candle produces either or. 😉