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💰💲This is literally the same exact pure oil our celebrities rave about my loves! Same bottle same,formula and it is now being offered to the public!

💲💰This is crafted and blended over the course of seven rituals for wealth & success!

❤️💋Models, Actresses, Actors, Social Media Influencers & Well known MBA athletes are among those that use this oil! 

💰💲If you are looking to crush your competition, stand out above all others, are very serious about obtaining wealth that comes from enjoying a profession where you stand out, this is absolutely the oil for you! 


Two large pieces of Fluorite Crystal


Hells Note

Large 6 oz bottle of pure oil

🌙Directions for activation; 

💰You will need to create a vision board with the exact profession you are looking for advantages in. 

💲When complete, take two sprays and rub on your hands, then on the four corners of the board touch with your oiled hands. Manifest your desires as you do so. 

💰Next use a gold or white chime candle, carve your initials into the wax. 

🌜Another spray of oil on your hands and run your fingers up the candle only seven different times while focusing on achieving your desired result. 

💰Place candle in holder of your choice

💰Position the Flourite Crystals on each side of the candle or use them to hold your vision board upright. 

💰You can also put the vision board underneath the candle and the holder it is your choice my loves. If this is what you are doing then simply place each Fluorite Crystal on one side of the candle leaving the candle centered in between the crystals.

💲Place the hells note under the candle

❤️Light the incense

🌜Before you light the candle visualize yet again exactly what you would like to happen, truly get lost in the moment. See your success flourishing! 

🌜Light the candle and stare into the flame focusing on your success.

💰Allow it to burn completely out. 

❤️Keep the vision board and the crystals wherever you have placed them during the activation for 7 days. 

💰Make sure you wear this oil regularly and daily especially when you have an event coming up where you have the opportunity to crush your competition! You will literally be illuminated with a winner ambiance & you will absolutely be noticed! 

💰Please keep in mind my loves that this oil is for those already involved in the professions listed above.. this was not crafted if you are a secretary and decided that you wanted to be a model. That would be a separate oil completely. 

🌜This pure oil should be sprayed twice with each use. Run it through your hair, your collarbone, your shoulders and your forearms. Very important! 

💰It is also okay to spray some in your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions or any other product where you would have the scent attached to you. 

🌜This will not affect any other workings but will rather help. The results with this oil are nearly immediate the more you use it the better your outcome will be as far as additional jobs lined up for you. 🌛😊🌜

💰The pure oil is different from our regular oils because there is no base included. It is strictly the pure oil. Think of it like a parfum versus a perfume. 

💰It has an incredibly energizing uplifting and magical scent! Blended with platinum, 24 karat gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, citrine, tiger's eye, & magical powders. 

💲It comes in a gorgeous light green embossed diamond shaped glass bottle with a gold cap with an attached black spray pump with tassels. It is extremely elegant , exquisite and truly holds powerful magick! 

💰This is part of our yearly release of oils, it is already very limited so don't hesitate! If it is calling to you please claim it now because there will not be another bottle or oil until next year. 











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