Wicked Dreams n Desires Duo

Wicked Dreams n Desires Duo

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⭐💫 Wicked Dreams n Desires Duo⭐💫

🍃🍂🌿🍁TWO of our infamous seasonal oils offered in a dynamic 2 oz duo! 🌿🍂🍁

💫❤️You are getting the best of both worlds! Dreams and Desires!⭐💫

,🎃🌿This is only released once a year and is available until it sells out or through October 31st! 💫🎃


🌻These particular oils are beneficial to the following:

💕Wanting to reclaim part of your past self; be it beauty, financial, contentment, reunited with a person, strengthen a failure in your life, finding your passion again or at last. 

💎 Seeking motivation, drive, determination or your " back bone"

❤️Having someone recognize your talent & or abilities 

💎Helps with finding your inner balance; many have told us they have snapped out of a funk instantly! 

💕 Assists with deeper concentration while meditating

💎 Helps harness the energy properly as the veil thins so that you are able to manifest and put into action what you desire

❤️These are just a few of the many uses for these oils loves!

❤️Anything to do with an internal struggle of sorts that is blocking you from having what you want these oils will help alleviate that and open up your path to greatness. 

🌿⭐💫Each is individually handcrafted and blended during an ancient ritual that's been passed down through the generations. This year we have choose put the oils in a clear skull bottle so that you may enjoy the beauty of the oil, blended herbs specifically designed to honor the thinning of the veil and see their magick. 2 oz bottles loves! It's literally like getting two of our regular bottles for the price of one! 

⭐These are strongly recommended for use during the month of October. They are again formulated to interact with the thinning of the veil loves, yes they absolutely will work if you use in June, however these oils literally grow stronger while using as the veil thins. Your best possible potency, is of course October 31st. 🎃 

⭐💫Directions for use:💫⭐ 

  • When you receive your bottles it is important to take the bottle and roll it in your hands slowly, this will allow the energy to adapt and meld to yours, these are extremely powerful oils loves.
  • Use a purple and a black chime candle, or white if you cannot locate or do not have colors on hand.
  • Carve your initials into the base of the candle.
  • Place your offerings or your hell's notes near the chime candle. (Hell's notes are included)
  • Take three drops of Wicked and three drops of Wild, blend in the center of your palm, rub your palms together, roughly seven times, coat each candle from the base to the top evenly.
  • 💕Before lighting, take a moment to thank whomever you are working with, tell them what you want. Let them know that the offerings or hell's notes are theres for assisting you. VERY IMPORTANT LOVES💕 
  • Now, light your candle and allow it to burn for roughly 15 minutes. As the flame is burning stare into the flame and literally see what you want to transpire happening. See it as if it were literally happening. Everyone knows by now that I am personally huge on visualization and manifestation. It will be if you believe it within your heart loves, so it is okay to allow your imagination to run wild, free from any embarrassment, shame, fear of judgment. ❤️

❤️You do not need to stare into the flame for the full 15 minutes. You will know when it is time to stop staring 😊

🎃When your activation is complete, snuff the candle out and dispose of it. Now you can utilize each oil at will. 

⭐💫This is one of the few oils that we offer loves that will grow stronger AND ask that you make sure you put these oils underneath the full moon in October. Our Mabon and Samhain line are the only oils that charging under the full moon will make them so much stronger!💫⭐

❤️Using on your pulse points daily during the entire month of October daily absolutely helps your desires come to be, strengthens former workings, helps your psychic abilities, balances you and I promise you it will bring forth an unstoppable unbridled air about you that people you encounter on a regular basis will definitely notice but will not be able to pinpoint what it is😊

❤️All of our oils unless otherwise indicated can also be put in diffusers to envelop your air flow, laundry so your clothes smell magickal, any kind of bath products, car mats, car seats, shoes, literally anywhere. 

❤️Again my loves, this set is only offered during the end of August through October. ❤️

❤️We've filled our pre-orders and the remaining balance of what we have is being offered. 🤗Please do get this set now if you think you want it because chances are it will not be here if you wait. 

❤️Remember that there is monthly financing options for orders over $150, if you would like this option and are having difficulty with its use, please do contact us and we will absolutely try to figure out what is going on. We worked so hard with the bank loves to offer this option for our clients with a credit line up to $17,000 with no credit check😊 If you prefer to use it and are unable just send us an email..we will look into it for you. 


Don't wait until it's too late 🤗









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