Wicked Wealth Oil

Wicked Wealth Oil

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🎃🎃Crafted last Samhain due to multiple requests for us to bring back our Wicked Oil. It's finally ready loves! This was riualized under our Samhain yearly ceremony. This has been charging since & is ready for release!

It's packed full of 24k gold, money pieces and our blend of ritualized herbs to draw cash to you 💕🎃

🍎🍁💲🪄This literally smells like clean rich crisp money with a twist of fall!





🎃🎃This oil is good for games of chance, casino winnings, scratch off lottery, expedite moneys owed, unexpected cash, financial gains, property value increase, forgotten money. 

💚🪄💲Become a magnet for money! This is why we've had SO many request that we offer this again.

🔮You definitely don't want to be without this at the casino! Especially when the veil is thinning! Remember loves EVERYTHING is possible during the Samhain Season! 

🔮🔮How to use

🔮3 pennies as an offering and or a goblet of rum 

🔮Put a drop on a dollar bill 

🧹Take a white chime candle with 2 drops of oil rubbing from the bottom to top

🧹Place chime on top of dollar bill

🍁 Thank whomever you are working with 

🧹Light the candle allow it to burn for 3 minutes 

🍁Dispose of remains 

🧹Place a few drops on your hands before heading to the casino or before buying scratch off tickets

❤️ Daily use place one drop on pulse points to attract money to you.

🤗The more often you use,  the stronger the effects!

This is offered during September-October 31st only or until it sells out 🔮 

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