*7 Deadly Sins*

*7 Deadly Sins*

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🔥7 Deadly Sins Custom Candle 🔥

🌹Seven Deadly Sins is from our celebrity line offering! Its similar to our Desire Me Deadly line except it's bumped up a few sexually charged notches 💞  It's all about the sex and communication with this line🔥

⚡⭐This instantly brings about heated desire with laser focused sexually uninhibited need & opens up the lines of communication!

🔮Helps get rid of the tounge tied shyness that can sometimes happen.

❤️You're going to feel empowered, irresistible, and radiate a aura of unstoppable desire💋 

💋This smells like a dark n lusty shade of rich reddish plum velvet if that had a smell! It is absolutely divinely magicakal smelling!

🌹 SDS is infused with our ritualized blend of herbs, gemstones, and the oil itself undergoes a series of 12 lunar cycles. Crazy magical energy in this!

❤️You will receive one 7 day custom candle

🔮💎Moonstone crystal 

❤️Hells Note

❤️Instructions for burn

As With any of our candles please make sure to send us your dob, initials and a little about what you want to manifest!

💞Comes to you beautifully packaged in a priority shipping box