Yule Diamonds & Snow Beauty & Glamour Set

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💎 2022 Limited Edition ❄️

🌹Beauty & Glamour💎

💎Diamonds & Snow❄️

🎄 Yule Set!

🎄🎄🎄⛄🎁Loves, EVERYTHING in this set smells like a Magickal Fairy tale Yule! The intoxicating overflow of iced cherries, crisp snow, mulled plumberries, blended with mistletoe kisses, touch of cedar, pinecone and a fragrant lush willowly fir tree make up our Yule Magickal Line. 

🎄❄️🎄I'm IN LOVE with the instant way I feel lit up inside in a magickal way. This screams be near me, talk to me, listen to me because I AM MYSTERIOUSLY FIERCE yet in control!

🎄Others will flock to you. WANT to be in your presence, hang on your every word as if under your spell, will literally ask what you are doing because you look fantastic! When you feel fantastic & feel lit up loves YOU'RE UNSTOPPABLE! Everything flows correctly when you are!

❄️💎You KNOW what I'm speaking about!🎄💎🎄


🎄1 Glass 15 Day Glamor & Beauty Candle Custom Created

❄️1 2 oz bottle of Yule Fierce Oil

❄️1 4oz roll on bottle of Yule Bliss Oil

💎💎2 8oz bottles of iced YULE Magick Beauty Body washes 

❄️Crafted incense for Yule

❤️Hells Notes


Priorty Shipping

Luxury gift wrap 

❄️💎If you want to live the life of a fairy tale queen this season, are involved within the modeling industry, beauty or fashion industry, any type of high-profile job to include influencers and the like, then this set is for you! 

❄️💎All of these products are truly offered strictly to our celebrity clients. You are getting the same exact products in smaller quantities so it is affordable to you! 

🎄❄️When this set is gone, as with our other seasonal items, they are gone until next season. 

🎄Merry Yule Loves ❄️

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