12 days of Yule Honey Jar

12 days of Yule Honey Jar

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🎄12 days of Yule Jar🎄

🎄Beautiful honey jars custom done for your desires in the spirit of Yule!🎄

🎁❄️Easy to use loves! You only need to work this job for 12 days 20 minutes nightly for results that will last for up to 6 months. The key is to have one specific desire to manifest and focus solely on that. For example if you are looking for a lost love your intentions and desires would be specifically for reuniting with your lost love for 12 consecutive nights. 🎁🎄

❄️🎄☃️These magickal beauties are our 2022 YULE Limited Edition 8oz Snowflake, Candy Cane or Yule Tree design with raised glass embossed mason jars! The lids coordinate with the design embossed in the glass in either red or green! 🎄☃️🎁


☃️One YULE Mason Jar

❄️One large intention candle 

🎄YULE Magick Incense

☃️Hells Notes 


When you receive your jar slowly roll it within your hands so you can acclimate your energy with the jar.

If you are pleasing personal effects inside the jar you can do so once. Do not open the jar more than once. 

Place the jar where you intend to do your working

Place photographs if you have any underneath the jar

Place hell's notes underneath the jar as well. 

Place your incense on one side and light

Take a few moments to focus your intentions on what you would like to manifest. See every single detail as much as you can.

Show appreciation for Spirit by saying aloud "I thank you Spirit for your assistance in manifesting _______. These hell notes are for you to utilize in the afterlife as a token of my sincere appreciation" 

Take the blunt end of your candle and with a match or lighter melt wax onto the top of the mason jars lid until you have a layer covering then please the candle upright in the melted wax and allow it to set while firmly pressing the candle in place. When you are done the candle should not move. 

When you are ready light the candle and stare at the flame while thinking of your intentions & seeing the manifest. 

Allowed to burn for 20 minutes approximately. If you go over by a few moments this will not affect the outcome. 

Remember to do this for 12 consecutive nights. 

On the 12th night you can burn the remainder of the candle until it is finished in its entirety. 

❄️Once your ritual is complete take the entire contents OTHER THAN THE MASON JAR, including hell's notes and any photographs that you may have used and dispose of them properly. 


🎄You can also dump the contents in the jar and reuse or keep as a decoration. 

🎁Your jar can be used in addition to other workings you are doing have done or are planning to do. It will not affect the outcome in any way. More often than not it helps whatever it is you have been trying to manifest or break through in a working.

🎄There is no particular day to start that is entirely up to you, however it is strongly suggested that you do begin these jars during the month of December and that you make sure you can reserve 12 consecutive nights around the same time to perform this ritual. 🎁

❄️🎁🎄MERRY YULE ❄️🎁🎄

If you have any questions as always please email us 🎄🎄

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